Auditions Fall 2018

Sing with San Luis Obispo Master Chorale – We welcome new members!


Auditions for new members were held on Monday, September. 17.



For the audition, be ready with the following:

  1. A prepared piece: This could be as simple as a hymn. It could be a folk-song, a selection from musical theater, a selection from classical repertoire. Please limit the prepared piece to 3 minutes in length. One verse or 2 to 3 pages is adequate.
  2. Please bring a copy of your selection for the accompanist (pianist).  An accompanied piece is preferred to singing a capella.


On Monday, September 24, 7:15 pm,  SLO Master Chorale will begin rehearsals for the November 17 concert. Works are: Te Deum laudamus, W. A. Mozart; Wings of Bliss, Craig Russell; La Koro Sutro, (The Heart Sutra), Lou Harrison.