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40th season concert flyer


Our Story

Since its inception in 1984, the San Luis Obispo Master Chorale has been performing concerts of major works for chorus and orchestra for the public, connecting the community and expanding its diverse, appreciative, and loyal audience. In addition to three concerts of high artistic quality each season, the SLO Master Chorale is proud to host educational presentations by nationwide scholars, enriching the works performed by the Chorale and its performers, audience, and community.
Melody Svennungsen

“…sitting and being wrapped in a blanket of beautiful music is one of my favorite memories of Christmas.” 

Audience Member

“Tom is the most gracious, funny, and relatable host, along with being such a great leader.  The pacing and interspersing of pieces was perfect. The Messiah selections were all the ones we wanted to hear and sing. Such a thrill to participate in “WONDERFUL — COUNSELOR…” And all.  Wow!”

Marnie B., choir member

“I’ve just got to pass this along to you. The friend who brought me to the concert was trying to tell me how she felt about the chorale’s sound last night. She finally said today that it was like auditory caviar!” 

Audience Member

Soloist and choir were so good together — I’m still hearing you blend on “O Holy Night.” An amazingly lovely new piece! And the great, funny brass. Just the right size & quality of orchestra. Perfect organ playing as always. And the Chorale was strong, sweet, and clear.”

Audience Member

“Thank you for last night’s wonderful concert and experience. The word that most comes to mind is “thrilling!” The whole program was full of very special notes of Christmas and joy.”


“It REALLY was one of the most memorable and touching concerts!! ALL of it was really stunning- having sung the Mass a few times before it was all I could do to keep my sounds inside. We are such a blessed community to have music such as this in our midst. BRAVO TO TOM and all the rest of y’all!! Oh! And the soloists were outrageously amazing! Thank you! Thank you!”


It was a fantastic concert.  You all received a 5 minute standing ovation.  No one was is any hurry to leave—wishing for more music, perhaps.  The concert nourished my soul.”


“You did a beautiful performance of Faure’s Requiem. It was especially meaningful to me this year.”


“Thank you for your meticulous work with the chorus for our performance. The music was wonderful: uplifting, graceful, quirky at times (Poulenc), and both a joy and a challenge to sing, with different reasons for each piece.”


“Just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed this year’s presentation… you hit all the high spots musically.”


“Thank you so much for the Fauré Requiem weekend in SLO. I had a great time singing with you all and really enjoyed your musical ideas and approach.”


“What a wonderful concert! Everyone had a wonderful time; the choir sounded so good, big audience and all the orchestra was talking about how enjoyable it was to play.”


“Working with your group is always one of the most enjoyable and meaningful performances of the year. Thanks so much for the opportunity.”

Kind Words

from our friends

I can’t thank you and the Chorale enough for that wonderful concert. It more than made up for the two plus years’ delay. It seems to me that the Chorale is now singing at it’s very best…

Former chorale member

I just want to thank you for a beautiful performance Sunday evening. It was stunning “Perfection pure”. Thank you to the chorus, orchestra and soloists -a splendid job!!

Former Chorale Member

The Faure Requiem was exquisite! Woven gossamer! The acoustics enabled one to appreciate the delicate texture of the work. Huzzah for the Sopranos! They sounded like boy sopranos…such straight tone! Soloists were great! Congratulations to you and your leadership. Tears of joy were shed by many including me.

Audience member

The French Connection was superb! Beautiful singing, strong directing. Worth driving four hours. Congratulations, and thank you.

Audience Member

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San Luis Obispo Master Chorale adds beauty to the world by presenting concerts of inspiring masterworks that touch listeners’ hearts and souls. Singers and other musicians come together with a mutual love of music and its capacity to fill the heart and soul with joy. Our ensemble offers the emotional expressiveness that only the human voice can communicate. We delight in sharing our talent and passion for music with the sophisticated audiences of the Central Coast.